What is Lunatrain?

LunaTrain is an online booking website where customers can book train tickets for a wide range of night trains in Europe. Our booking platform brings together the night train offerings of many different railroad companies in one place. On our website, we also try to give the traveler clear information so that you can get a transparent picture of what to expect in this unique way of traveling within Europe.



Booking overnight train tickets online should be as easy and simple as booking a hotel or airline ticket. With LunaTrain we want to create a platform where you can find all information about every night train in Europe and where you can also book tickets in a user-friendly way.



With LunaTrain, we want to do our part for sustainable travel by making it easy to book tickets for night trains online. Night trains are not only a sustainable way to travel. At the same time, they offer a special travel experience, a form of “slow travel” where you travel in a different, more conscious way.


Who are we?

LunaTrain was founded by Tom Van Nieulande and Bruce Verburgh, two young entrepreneurs from Belgium.

Bruce has a background in the tourism industry and possesses a great affinity for train travel. He already crossed France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and even Alaska by train.

Tom has a background in IT and has a passion for travel and technological advancement, preferably in an ecological way.